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Think of me as your private chef. Since I'm not connected to a large marketing firm, I only take on a few clients at a time. This allows me to curate a unique strategy & brand voice for each one of my clients. You won't have an intern writing your copy & photographing your products, you'll always have me as your point person.

You shouldn't trust someone with your business's social media who doesn't have a successful online presence.

I am a social media influencer. Brands pay me to write & create content about their products & post on my personal Instagram account & blog. I work with marketing professionals for major corporations on a weekly basis.

I will bring the same tactics & strategies used with these major corporations to your small business.

Brands that I've created content for:









Past Clients:








Rebrand Case Study

- Rachel Timmerman



Rachel is a southern lifestyle & fashion blogger. In 2015, Rachel was looking to rebrand. She started her first blog, A Preppy State of Mind, while in college. Rachel felt like her blog title no longer represented her identity & style. Rachel, a new mother, wanted to post more aspirational & lifestyle based content. I helped her make the transition from preppy fashion blogger to a more sophisticated motherhood & faith blogger.

I suggested that she first change her name on Instagram from "@apreppystateofmind" to "@racheltimmerman" to familiarize her following with her name rather than her blog name. After a few months of rebranding as Rachel Timmerman, we launched her new blog "Something Delightful" with a byline of "by Rachel Timmerman." This is just one of the ways that I helped Rachel successfully transition her blog & Instagram following to her new branding.

Instagram Case Study

- @EscadrilleCycling


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Under my management, Escadrille grew from just over 1k followers to almost 10k followers on Instagram in a 5 month time frame. Escadrille quickly became an authority in the cycling industry and received purchase orders totally over $30k from leads from Instagram followers. Under my PR management, Escadrille was featured in Bicycling Magazine and Men's Fitness Magazine (both magazines have international circulation). Escadrille's following also opened doors for collaborations with pro-althetes and cycling bloggers.