Your business (no matter how big or small) is my #1 priority. My prices are significantly lower and my services are drastically more customized because I am not a large marketing firm. I keep my client list small and local. I am a one-stop designer, strategist, & photographer for all your digital and social media marketing needs. 

Social Media Management Packages

A fine-tuned Social Media Strategy & Paid Advertising Campaigns are the main ways of driving traffic to your website and interacting with customers. Your customers are already on these platforms-- make sure that they're following you.


$500 A Month - $100 per Week


  • 3 Posts a Week on Instagram & Shared on Facebook & Twitter (or Pinterest)
  • Engagement Management
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Reputation Management

I will fine-tune your brand aesthetic and voice by creating custom content that will resonate with and prompt engagement from your ideal customer group. Social Media is just as much a science as it is an art! I will research every aspect of your industry and competition. I will advise you on which platforms you need to be on & which ones you can do with out. Under my management and strategy, I will turn your "followers" into loyal customers. 

We strategize. I create. You approve. I post. 


$750 A Month - $150 per Week

Includes: Bronze package +

  • Daily posts on Instagram & Shared on Facebook & Twitter (or Pinterest)
  • 1 Monthly Social Media Campaign (giveaway, paid campaign management, etc)
  • 1 Monthly Strategy Meeting
  • 1 Photoshoot a Month

As with all my packages, you are more than welcome to post on the accounts in addition to my posts. I will guide you with successful methods of posting and tricks of the trade.

We strategize. I create. You approve. I post. 


$1000 A Month - $200 per Week

Includes: Bronze & Silver packages +

  • 2 Posts a Day on Instagram & Shared on Facebook & Twitter (or Pinterest)
  • Weekly social media campaigns (giveaways, contest, influencer partnerships)
  • 1 Additional Photoshoot a Month (2 Total)

This package is my sweet spot. The more consistent the posting, the more your brand will become part of your followers' daily routine. 

We strategize. I create. You approve. I post. 

*Don't see what you're looking for? Custom packages available upon request!

Additional Services

I believe that the cherry on top of Social Media Management is supporting your efforts with paid marketing, a strong e-mail list & blog. 

Paid Social & Digital Marketing

$100 per campaign

After I've managed your accounts for a few weeks, you will start to see an increase in followers organically. In addition to the organic growth, a little paid support will go a long way. Since I am also a skilled graphic designer, I can make display ads for paid social marketing, re-target marketing, and pay per click advertisements.

Blog Design & Management

$350 for initial set-up & $150+ per post

I believe that one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is a blog. Whether posts are weekly or monthly, having a blog will establish your company as an authority in your industry while simultaneously increasing your search engine rankings. 

Email Marketing Campaign

$75 per e-mail campaign

Gathering as much information as possible about your customers is key. Collecting their e-mails will allow you to directly connect with customers straight to their inbox. Unlike ever-changing social media platforms, your e-mail list will remain a sure way to directly contact your customers. 

Other Branding Materials

Having a weak website or offline branded materials can undo any effort put into your Social Media Strategy. Make sure that the rest of your brand is up-to par with in the influx of traffic from your social media channels. 

Web Development & Design


Web presence has become imperative and having just any website doesn't seem to be good enough anymore. Google is dropping rankings for websites that aren't mobile responsive and, fair or not, customers perceive your business web page as an extension of your customer service and products. If it's broken, outdated, or not mobile compatible there's a good chance your business will be losing out. 

Graphic Design

$35 an hour

I can create any printed or digital marketing materials (business cards, look book, brand book, or extra design work for your website etc).